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Here's What's New!
"Kidsong with Freesia"
This Spring some online classes have been created to sing together during the times we are mandated "apart".

Supported by Explore after school enrichment serving Santa Cruz City School District, these videos are a great musical option for young students.

Check back as a few new ones will be coming !


5-5-20 Kidsong with Freesia
I Am Creative
(Terry Garthwaite)
The Garden Song (Dave Mallet)
Who Made this Mess?! (Bill Harley)
Love Makes a Family (David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans)
Immigrants All (New lyrics by 2nd graders at Bay View Elementary
Original: The Emigrant Song by Mary McCaslin)
De Colores (Mexican folksong)
Thanks A Lot (Raffi)

4-29-20 Kidsong with Freesia (K-3)
Window in your Mouth
(Freesia Raine)
We Come From the Mountain (Harry Belafonte)
Miss Rumphius (storybook by Barbara Cooney)
Seeds (Lazlo Slomovitz)
My Roots Go Down ( Sarah Pirtle)
Bats (chorus: Banana Slug String Band, verse: Jesse Autumn (age 6)
When I’m Sad I Cry (Tom Hunter)
This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

4-22-20 Kidsong with Freesia Earth Day
Keepers of the Garden
(Sophia Songhealer)
Rocking Chair (Carolyn Saso/ Copperwoman)
Seed Chant (Freesia Raine)
Potatoes (Freesia Raine & students)
Weeds (Freesia Raine)
Where is Away? (Lisa Atkinson)
The Three Bears (a traditional tale)
I Love the Flowers (traditional)
All I Really Need (Raffi)

4-17-20 Kidsong with Freesia Grades 1-2
Fanga Alafia (welcome chant from Nigeria)
Tue Tue (harvest gratitude chant from Ghana)
We Shall Overcome (traditional,
sung by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the freedom marches)
Owl Moon (Bruce O’Brien, based on the storybook by Jane Yolen)
Popcorn (Betsy Rose)
All My Relations (Grace Marie)
Shanoon Ho Ya (Chumash chant honoring the Willow tree for its strength & flexibility)
E Malama (Hawaiian chant alerting us to protect our sacred places/our Earth)
Celtic Blessing (traditional Irish Good-bye song)

4-15-20 Kidsong with Freesia (K-1)
El Sol
(Carolyn Saso/Copperwoman)
Keepers of the Garden (Sophia Songhealer)
Artichokes (Malvina Reynolds)
Gopher (Carolyn Saso/Copperwoman)
The Three Bears (composer unknown)
Kah Lay See (Pacific Northwest Native American chant)
Birthday Lullaby (Freesia Raine)
Talk to Me (Freesia Raine)
Lily (Freesia Raine)

4-1-20 Kidsong with Freesia (K-1)
Fanga Alafia
(welcome song from Nigeria)
Akiwowo (Nigerian story of the train engineer brought to U.S by Babatunde Olatunji)
Peace in My Fingers (Susan Salidor)
Eckamora (Native American game)
Seed Chant (Freesia Raine)
Oh, My, I Want a Piece of Pie! (traditional)
Workin’ on the Railroad (traditional)
L.O.V.E. + Magic Penny Medley (Linda Arnold/ Malvina Reynolds)

3-30-20 Kidsong with Freesia Preschool
If You’re Happy and You Know It
Standin’ Like a Tree (Betsy Rose)
Little Red Caboose (author unknown)
Let’s Go Ridin’ in the Car Car (variation of Woody Guthrie’s)
Wheels on the Bus (traditional)
Eensy Weensy Spider (traditional)
Skid A Marinky Dinky Dink (traditional)

3-25-20 Kidsong with Freesia (K-1)
Bubblin’ thru Me
(author unknown)
If You’re Happy & You Know It (traditional)
In This Circle No Fear (w/ASL) (author unknown)
We Come From The Mountain (w/claves) (Harry Belafonte)
(Mountain/ Santa Cruz /City / Hamlet/ Forest/ We can make a difference!)
Eensy Weensy Spider (w/claves, in English & Spanish) (traditional)
Thanks to the Farmer (Freesia Raine)
E Malama (Hawaiian blessing)
Everlasting Love (traditional gospel)
Eckamora w/frame drum (Native American game)
We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands (variation of the traditional)